Did IBM kill Steampunk’s 15 minutes of fame?


Photo and article by John Collins

According to Google Statistics, Steampunk made a steady rise in popularity from 2007 to the end of 2012. On January 14, 2013, IBM announced that, “‘steampunk,’ a sub-genre inspired by the clothing, technology and social mores of Victorian society, will be a major trend to bubble up, and take hold, of the retail industry. Major fashion labels, accessories providers and jewelry makers are expected to integrate a steampunk aesthetic into their designs in the coming year.”

Many of the Steampunk fans who took note of IBM’s statements were excited that it was poised to permeate the art and fashion of our modern society. However that does not seem to be the case.

For those who like statistics and watch charts, if you look at the Google chart showing interest in the topic based on the Google Statistics, it appears that interest in Steampunk peaked out in October of 2012 and only reached that same peak once in October of 2013. Looking at the chart today, October 9, 2014, it is at 91% of its peak. It looks as though it may not reach the peak that it hit the two previous Octobers.

When watching the charts for buying and selling stocks it is advisable to buy when it is low and sell when it is high and one might think that IBM picked up on the peak of Steampunk and “bought into” it then when it was at its peak and it was just a poor understanding of the charts.

Alternatively, in this case the observer may well have effected the results based on their prediction. They may well have been correct in predicting that the fashion world was about to embrace the Steampunk art and fashion but when they announced it as fact, they may have adversely impacted the trend.

How could IBM impact a social, art, and fashion trend? To be quite blunt, IBM is known for its innovations in technology, not fashion. Fashionistas create the trends and for them to be “predicted” would not set well with them…



Only Seven Seats Left for School for Scoundrels!



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Saturday and Sunday November 22-23 at the Magic Castle

Taught in the Magic University classroom, from 11:00 am — 1:00 pm, and 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm each day. This is the entire eight-hour course we have taught at the Magic Castle for eighteen years.

Normally we teach a two hour class each week for four weeks. This year, we are doing the whole course in one weekend so that more people from out of the area might attend.

Three-Card Monte, The Shell Game and Fast and Loose–their history, psychology, moves, ruses and application to magic.

Perfect for the historian, steampunker, gambler, lawyer or police officer as well as the magician, this course gives you the inside information.

Find out how the games actually work on the street, and learn about their fascinating history.

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Pop Haydn releases teaching video of “The Intricate Web of Distraction”

This is an all new video of Pop Haydn’s wonderful routine for the Color-Changing Knives, explaining exactly how to do the routine, its psychology and performance. It is available as a DVD, or for immediate download at popsmagic.com:


Pop Haydn releases new video of “Coins Across” Available NOW! at popsmagic.com

Pop Haydn has release a video explaining every detail of handling and performance of his wonderful version of Coins Across.

This is the first time this masterful version of a classic effect has been explained on video.

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Tales From The Uncanny Scot. A book to treasure.

Originally posted on Remarkable Magic:

Tales From The Uncanny Scot. By Ron Wilson.


6294919_orig A personal history of some magical legends.

I was excited to see that this gem of a magic book is once again available for purchase; I have enjoyed it immensely and consider it one of the very finest additions to my library in many years. Ron Wilson was not just a wonderful performing magician, but also a fascinating storyteller and in this book the Uncanny Scot tells some tales that will entertain and intrigue every lover of magic. It is my pleasure to wholeheartedly recommend this publication.

Ron Wilson was part of the very earliest years at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. His reminisces share intimate stories about one of the most exciting and creative eras in the history of magic. In a time when bookshelves in magic dens are groaning under the weight of magic books containing “new” tricks…

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Talk Like a Pirate, or Walk the Plank!

Chef Anton in the W C Fields Bar — One Card Pete

Pop Haydn at Penguin LIVE: Sunday September 28th

Pop Haydn

Pop Haydn

Pop Haydn will be appearing at Penguin Live on the Web September 28th, 7:00 pm Eastern time. The lecture will go long.

“Haydn has a very different and engaging manner of talking–it is infectious and the audiences loved it. He also performs his magic superbly.” ~Dai Vernon (the “Professor”) Genii – The International Conjuror’s Monthly

“You aren’t just a magician, you are a great actor!” ~Alan Alda

“Haydn is one of the best close-up magicians I have ever seen…” ~Merv Griffin

“In my opinion, Pop is one of the few magician’s left along with Darwin Ortiz who really understands magic as a craft and as a theatrical experience. Pop, along with Darwin are two people in magic whose opinion about my work really matters to me.” ~Michael Vincent


  • Chicago Surprise: Pop’s version of the Chicago Opener/Red Hot Mama which contains an extra piece of magic, plus an absolutely killer ending.
  • Impromptu Card Code/Routine for the Blind: An impromptu ESP routine in which a blind person acts as psychic.
  • ESP Survey: A Street Scam that can make money for street performers when it is too cold to work.
  • Fast and Loose: Pop’s routine for the Endless Chain is recognized as one of the best ever.
  • Intricate Web of Distraction: Pop’s routine for the color-changing knives will make you dig yours out and start performing with them again.

Standup and Stage:

  • 24″ Color Changing Handkerchief: Pop’s handling, using much larger handkerchiefs, is direct, funny, and amazing.
  • Six Card Repeat: Pop’s new routine for this old classic is a beautiful mixture of solid, comedic timing and subtle sleight-of-hand.
  • Multiple Peeked Card to Pockets: Pop has a couple of people simply peek at cards and both appear in separate pockets… then reappear AND switch pockets… then another card repeatedly jumps to his pocket… and finally, the whole deck. It’s a fantastic sleight-of-hand routine, not for the faint of heart.
  • Mongolian Pop Knot: Pop teaches everyone how to tie this infamous knot which makes two pieces of rope restore back into one… or does he?
  • Four Ring Routine: Yes, this is Pop’s routine for the linking rings, and you’ll love how much entertainment he is able to wring from this classic of classics!

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Pop Haydn’s “Intricate Web of Distraction”

Pop Haydn’s “Coins Across” in the W. C. Fields Bar


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