Pop Haydn interviewed on “Who’s Hoo at the Magic Castle”


This guy Whit Haydn stole my act!


Multiplying Balls


Phoenix Aces


Doc Jon and the Yakuza


Download this amazing video of Doc Jon (John Deems) a real cross roader and card mechanic.

More Info

The Mongolian Pop-Knot


The Color-Changing Scarf

Pop’s Magic Christmas Sale!


Nancy Magill wants you to know about our Christmas Sale!

20% Off All Sales over $20.

Just use the coupon code “Merry” at checkout. Be sure to click “Apply.”

Good through Dec 26th.

Pop’s Magic

The Sphere of Destiny Predicts

Pop Haydn performs at Scot Nery’s Boobietrap in Hollywood, California. Dec 19, 2018.

Three predictions from the Sphere of Destiny are revealed.

Fun with Magnetized Water

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