Pop Haydn ~ Teleportation Device

Pop Haydn performs his original routine, The Teleportation Device at the Junkyard Cafe, Simi Valley, California on Father’s Day, 2017.

Pop Father's Day

Pop Haydn’s Medicine Show Promo Reel

Magic Mania!

magic manisaa

Maestro Voronin and Aga-Boom

I worked at the Magic Castle last week, and my old friend Voronin was on the bill with his 14 year old son Max and my new friends Aga-Boom led by Cirque de Soleil clown Dimitri Bogatirev.


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Pop’s Magic

Pop Haydn at Magic Monday in Santa Monica

For more info and tickets:

Magic Monday

Pop Haydn Interview on Art of Magic

This is a more than two hour interview on magic and story with Pop Haydn.

Pop's Soapbox


Pop Haydn is interviewed by Elliott Terrall ArtofMagic.com

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Pop Haydn Interview on Art of Magic


Pop Haydn is interviewed by Elliott Terrall ArtofMagic.com


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Pop Haydn on new Snapchat Commercial

Pop’s New Podcast: Magic & Story

Magic & Story ~ Downloadable Podcast

Just $5

Pop and Snake

Pop Haydn is a seven-time award winner at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. His character and story based magic has created a worldwide reputation for his charming and entertaining performances.

According to Pop, most magicians should assume a character as close as possible to their own. But it will still be a character–a performance. If you don’t take control of your story and character, the audience will. They will assume things about you and what your story is–often things that are not in line with the impression you would rather leave.

This is a 55 minute downloadable podcast in which Pop explains the relationship of magic and story. He helps you to understand what the magician is trying to accomplish, and how he can go about his task more knowledgeably.

It provides fresh and original ideas on performing magic, the magic story, the story of the trick, the magical character’s backstory, the backstory of the props and the relationship of magic performance to the art of storytelling.

Pop’s entertaining take on these issues will invigorate your love for the art, and stimulate your creative impulses.

Pop gives you a new way to think about the art of magic, and a new approach to finding the art in magic.

This is the first in a series of Podcasts on the art of magic.

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