Pop Haydn Lecture Tomorrow Night!

West LA SAM 291 Flyer

Time is running out! Sale ends at midnight Monday night!


Time is running out!
Back to School Sale ends tomorrow night (Sept 7th) at midnight!
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JAX designed Magic themed clothing and accessories!

My dear friend Jacky Kahan has a new website selling his own “Jax” designed clothing and accessories. Some of it is magic related!

Great stuff!

Look it over!



Pop Haydn’s Shows for 2015!


This new site (medicine-show.com) describes the various shows that Pop Haydn is offering for the 21st Century. It is an agent friendly site with no contact information.

Pop Haydn’s Shows

Pop Haydn’s Fall Lecture Tour of the Northern Mid-West:

Pop Haydn Lecture Flyer Final

Pop Haydn’s “Sucker Silk to Egg” Routine Now Available for Download!

Sucker Egg.Still001-002

This routine has been a feature of Pop Haydn‘s standup act since the mid-1970’s. It is a sure-fire trick and practically an essential part of any working pro’s act. It can be a feature of a talking act, it can be done silently. It is an excellent emcee bit, and a great way to spend connecting time with the audience while the magician’s assistants are changing sets and setting up behind the curtain.

Pop teaches every nuance of this routine, with a breakdown step by step of the patter and moves. There are no difficult moves to learn.

Pop uses a Jumbo egg and 24″ scarves in his performance and teaching. The same moves and routine work equally as well with a smaller silk and smaller gimmicked egg.

Downloadable Video: $10  DVD: $25

Buy Here!

Pop Haydn’s “The Color-Changing Handkerchief” routine Now Available!


Pop Haydn‘s presentation of The Color-Changing Handkerchief. This routine is designed for 24″ silks, and is a practical, real world piece that packs small and plays big. It literally works out of the pocket and makes an excellent emcee bit, or a nice in front of curtain piece for an illusionist. It can be done silently, or can be a featured routine for a talking standup magician. It works for young folk and adults. It is a fooler, and the patter is sophisticated and entertaining. It plays big on any stage.

In this video, Pop explains every detail of the moves and presentation for this routine. Everything is broken down so that it is easy to learn, with an “over the shoulder” view of the entire routine with the rolling patter. There are no difficult moves. This should be an essential piece of any working pro’s repertoire.

This routine works well with 18″ silks and gimmicks. Any “Palmo” style gimmick–no ribbon–should work. The routine is designed to handle a large gimmick such as the Jim Riser Dye Tube gimmick available elsewhere on this site. But this gimmick requires a medium size hand–at least 3 1/2″ across the width of the palm from the heel of the hand to the crook of the thumb. Otherwise, you should use a gimmick designed for an 18″ silk, which will work with this routine just fine.

DVD: $25  Downloadable Video: $10

Buy Here!

Registration is open for 20th School for Scoundrels at the Magic Castle in November


The 20th School for Scoundrels will be held in November.
Click Here: http://scoundrelsstore.com/product/scoundrels-class-2015/

There will be two complete eight hour classes, each with no more than 15 students. The first class will be held on the weekend of Nov 7-8th and the second on Nov 14-15th. Registration is $300.
The class will be taught by Chef Anton, Pop Haydn and Bob Sheets. It will cover the three most important street scams, Three-Card Monte, The Shell Game and Fast and Loose. We will cover the history, psychology, moves, strategies and ruses of these three games, as well as their application to magic.
Classes will be held in the classroom at the Magic Castle from 11:00 am until 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm until 4:00 pm Saturday and Sunday, with a one hour break for lunch.
The Sat and Sun brunch will be only $18 for School for Scoundrels students.
There are a block of hotel rooms available at the Magic Castle Hotel next door to the Magic Castle, which will be available for $150 a night plus tax, but they have to be booked by Sept 15th using the Coupon “School for Scoundrels.” Magic Castle Hotel: (323) 851-0800

You can register at http://scoundrelsstore.com/product/scoundrels-class-2015/
For more information or questions, contact Chef Anton at chefanton@chefanton.com

Pop Haydn Interview with Nicholas Johnson in Melbourne, Australia:

Scamapalooza Podcast



Nicholas Johnson, Australia’s “Honest Conman”

Pop Haydn gives Phrenology Readings for Private Parties and Corporate Events!


People that come to your events should have their heads examined!

Tired of Tarot Readers and Palmists?

Want something more fun and interesting?

Phrenology is a fascinating pseudo-science that became a phenomenon and parlor entertainment during the mid-19th Century and up until the 1950’s. It was studied and discussed at all levels of society, and promoted by famous intelligentsia like Thomas Edison and Henry David Thoreau.

Pop Haydn is offering authentic Phrenological Readings for private parties and corporate events. He also offers demonstrations and talks on the History and Practice of Phrenology for historical societies, museums, universities, clubs and festivals.

With assistance from his lovely research assistant Nancy Magill, Pop gives a look at each client’s head, and then gives the actual Phrenological Assessment as it would have been done in the 1800’s. The entire reading takes less than five minutes. These are not only fascinating and fun, they truly amaze people with the insights and accuracy of the report. Pop’s lighthearted approach to these short readings puts people at ease and makes it fun, and his analysis and advice is always positive, upbeat, pertinent and wise…

Pop and Nancy Magill come in costume, and bring an antique ceramic Phrenology Head, and a large colored chart, and other interesting props. Each of your guests or clients receives a souvenir copy of their Phrenological Assessment!

Pop Haydn is a professional magician in Los Angeles, a past Vice-President of the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. He has been awarded performing awards by the members of the Magic Castle seven times. He has lectured and performed all around the world, and you can find his biography and credits on Wikipedia.

For more information, contact:

Nancy Magill







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