“Scoundrels Touch” S4S Shell Game video available as download!

Scoundrels Touch

Chef Anton, Whit “Pop” Haydn, and Bob Sheets outline their advanced system for the shell game and teach routines complete with patter and alternate endings for walk around, as well as demo the methods used by hustlers to work the scam for money. The psychology and philosophy of the game are explained and demonstrated. The advanced system for working the shells that was briefly outlined on Volume I, is here explained in full and seen in operation in live performance videos.

On Disc I, Bob’s complete original instructions for handling his Sheets Acquitment and his system for working the shells (Absolutely Nuts) is here amplified and expanded, with new and more detailed explanations and a live performance of the routine for a regular audience in theMagic Castle’s Close-Up Gallery. Bob has added a number of new ideas and deceptive ruses, but more importantly, you see the whole thing up and running. Whit adds some maneuvers and moves, along with some new devices that make they system unassailable.

On Disc II, Chef Anton performs and explains his own routine. Whit discusses psychological outs while contrasting two very different live performances in the Magic Castle’s Close-Up Gallery of is shell routine. Incredible video of a street hustler working his craft at a music festival is shown and explained, with Scoundrel Member Giuseppe Aliotta discussing the props and betting cycles used by the contemporary street hustler. Pop shows how the Maneuvers can be very useful for working with a hand held board. New shells and props for the game are demonstrated.Pop and Chef discuss the idea of “Thinking like a Scoundrel” and how it is applied to magic performances. The Escobar Move is demonstrated along with some variations by Chanin. Several versions of the Kick Steal are demonstrated.

Included in this download are a number of pdf and other files that can be used as a further resource and several training aids that make learning the moves easier. These are enclosed in a .zip file. All the moves and maneuvers from Introduction to the Shell Game are briefly taught here.

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“Introduction to the Shell Game” available as download!

IntroShellGame 2

This is the downloadable video (.mp4 — 479 mb — 1 hr 16 min) of our School for Scoundrels Introduction to the Shell Game DVD

In November of 2004, Bob Sheets, WhitPop” Haydn and Chef Anton combined their original methods for the ancient swindle, the Shell Game, and taught this new system to the School for Scoundrels class at the Magic Castle

This video is far more than an introduction to the game, it is an introduction to a whole new way of looking at the shell game, and a new system for performing the game that is rock solid, unassailable, and easy to learn. 

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S4S Three Card Monte video available as Download!

Three Card Monte Case

Whit “Pop” Haydn and Chef Anton Riniti have taught a course at the Magic Castle every year since 1996 as part of the Magic University2015 will be our 20th year of School for Scoundrels at the Magic Castle. This eight hour course covers the history, moves, ruses, psychology and application to magic of the three classic street swindles: Three-Card Monte, Fast and Loose, and the Shell Game.

This is the complete School for Scoundrels DVD on Three-Card Monte in downloadable mp4 format.

This download contains close to three hours of video in mp4 format, including fine-point instruction in all the major moves, psychology, and misdirection used in the monte, plus a three-camera shoot on the street of a reenactment of Cracker Parker’s London mob scam, an interview with Gazzo discussing the methods of the London Mob, and actual footage of three-card monte being played on the streets in Khiva, Uzbekistan.

Includes Chef Anton’s complete presentation and explanation of Three-Card Gold, an excellent, unique exhibition routine created by Chef and Whit Haydn.


This download also includes the 160 page book School for Scoundrels Notes on Three-Card Monte in pdf form.

Over 160 pages with authentic photographs and illustrations! This is by far the most comprehensive book ever written on the history, psychology, and moves of this classic swindle.

We explore its application to magic and include the School for Scoundrels complete three-card monte routine called Three-Card Gold. We also feature some of the most clever endings ever devised and are proud to introduce Bob Kohler’s Knifed and Gazzo’s Creased Lightning, and many other ruses which have never previously appeared in print.

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ONLY $20!

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Pop Haydn nominated for Stage Magician of the Year!

Academy of Magical Arts (Magic Castle)
The AMA Elections Committee, Board of Directors, and Board of Trustees are proud to announce the 2014 Showroom Award Nominees!

Woody Aragon
Bill Goodwin
Armando Lucero
Garrett Thomas
Richard Turner

Chris Capehart
Handsome Jack (John Lovick)
Derek Hughes
Gregory Wilson
Rob Zabrecky

Mike Caveney
Shoot Ogawa
Garrett Thomas
Steve Valentine
Gregory Wilson

David and Leeman
Pop Haydn
Tina Lenert
Shoot Ogawa
Arthur Trace

Doc Jon and the Magnet Dice Table

Doc Jon (John Deems) talks about being busted for using a giant magnet in a dice table:

Multimillion dollar Horse room described

Eight men charged 12_17_71

Fourth man sentenced

More info and nearly four hours of downloadable video available at: Pop’s Magic

1st Annual Senior Pitchman Reunion available now as download!

This is nearly three hours of video taken in November, 2008 at the first “Senior Pitchman’s Reunion” by Whit “Pop” Haydn and Nancy Magill.

Advertised as the “Senior Pitchman’s Reunion: 60 Years old or better–Fakers Only! No NCLs! No 40 Milers!” it took place at the Boulder Station in Las Vegas.

This video is an incredible look into the lives and work of pitchmen and women.

Pop Haydn with pitch legend Arnold "The Knife" Morris and Phyllis

Pop Haydn with Arnold “The Knife” Morris and Phyllis

Many of these men and women are multimillionaires from selling svengali decks, slicers and dicers, knives, mice, squirmies, pens and medicine both in front of live crowds and on television. They tell wonderful tales about the joys and pitfalls of their craft, about the methods and tricks, about what it takes to be a pitchman, about how pitches are crafted and learned, about good delivery and timing and–most of all–about what it means to them and why they live the life of the pitchman.

This information is inspiring and helpful not only to potential Svengali or mouse pitchmen, but to anyone who has to gather a crowd, hold their attention and get a certain response from them.

The techniques that work for the pitchmen can be applied to almost any performance. This is like having a chance to meet many of the best and most successful pitchmen in the world, and have them share with you the secrets to their success.

For more information, or to buy, go HERE!

Doc Jon Cheats and Steals!

Here are some short clips of teaching session from “In the Life” with Doc Jon.

This is taken from almost four hours of video available as a $10 download at:

Pop’s Magic

“In the Life” with Doc Jon available NOW as download!

Join School for Scoundrels in an amazing weekend with a real card and dice cheat who went by the name of Doc Jon. Doc lived an extraordinary life as a dealer, mechanic, cross-roader, and as a card and dice cheat for crime mobs in Las Vegas and Hawaii, as well as for the Yakuza in Japan. He sits and talks with us for nearly four hours on these videos, telling us his thrilling life story and talking about what it takes to be a successful cheat.

This is not a video for those with sensitive ears. Doc Jon uses more expletives and insensitive language than Tony Soprano, and talks about mob activities, brothels and strip joints as well as his cheating skills and stories.

Doc Jon Case Front

He talks about being busted with a gang for drilling the slots on the floors of Las Vegas casinos, about betrayals and friendships in the world of professional gamblers, and about going to prison for running a juiced dice table in an illegal gambling house for the Milano Family in Los Angeles.It is fascinating to hear about this strange life from a man who has really been there, and who has spent time in prison and was nearly blown up by a car bomb as a result.

Doc Jon talks about how you develop the moxie to move under fire, and the difference between being a great card handler and a true card cheat. This is the real deal, and the authenticity and authority of the story is apparent from the very beginning. He teaches how to handle a deck of cards in a way that won’t make a pro grimace. He shows some never-before published cheating moves and advanced handlings and nuances on some of the classics. He explains chip stealing moves as well as card handling. He talks about what is actually useful and important and tips his method for marking and re-sealing a deck of cards for Blackjack. A great unpublished version of the Mexican Turnover is also shown.

This is a fascinating and gripping story filled with humor and danger, and a remarkable “real world” feel. This is a rare glimpse into a life to which few ever get a peek. Doc’s story explains how he moved from a young dealer for the house, just looking to learn how to protect his game, to a full-fledged card mechanic, crossroader and dice cheat.

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Senior Pitchman Reunion available as download!


These two downloadable files contain more than two and a half hours of video, and are essential for anyone who has ever considered working in the pitch business. Anyone who has pitched a product will find in inspirational and touching. But magicians and other performers can also learn a lot about drawing and holding a crowd, controlling their thinking and making the people do what you want.

Pitchmen and women over 60 years old, No JCL’s! They each take time to talk about their work, give some advice, and tell their stories. The pitchman–demonstrating and selling a product on the street corner, in a both in a flea market, carnival or fair, in a special exhibition at Wal Mart or other big box store, or so often on television infomercial–is familiar to most everyone.

These are the people who sell magic card decks, blue-block sunglasses, dancing puppets, Ginsu knives and kitchen gadgets, and all the latest and greatest inventions for modern life that you can imagine. They demonstrate and then sell to the crowd whatever product they happen to be pitching.

But the life-style, skills and vicissitudes of the pitchman’s world are as mysterious and interesting to those outside it today as they have been for more than 100 years. This is a wonderful video that features more than twenty senior pitchmen–men and women who are 60 years or older or have been in the business more than 20 years. No “Johnny Come Lately’s.” Each one sits down in front of the camera and talks about this fascinating world, giving advice on pitching and talking about their lives, their expectations and what it takes to make it in the business.

They also tell wonderful and entertaining stories and jokes, and you can see the camaraderie, and practically feel the fun and warmth this groups shares with each other. Anyone who has pitched a product or thought about pitching for a living, or just finds people interesting and this lifestyle unique will find it inspirational and touching.

For more info or to download, go here: Pop’s Magic

Pop Haydn in the Palace of Mystery — The Mongolian Pop-Knot

Pop Haydn performs his famous routine The Mongolian Pop-Knot in the Palace of Mystery of the Magic Castle in Hollywood. March, 2015.



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