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North Carolina WTF?

This lady was mistaken for a man and forced out of the lady’s restroom–which she was legally using–by North Carolina police because she didn’t have any ID. She couldn’t go in the men’s room in North Carolina, because that would be against the law.

See the problem?

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Gallus Mag

This is Gallus Mag, a famous trans-male club bouncer. In North Carolina, she would be forced by law to follow your wife or daughter into the ladies room.

So would this trans-male model Buck Angel:

See the problem?

In North Carolina, both these trans-women would be forced by law to go into the Men’s Room:

See the problem?

Many women accompany their male partners into the men’s room to assist if their husbands are not capable of taking care of things without assistance. Illegal in North Carolina. Not sure about women taking male children or babies into the woman’s room…

Often at events the ladies rooms have huge lines and some women slip into the men’s rooms to pee. Illegal now in North Carolina.

This new law does not protect privacy. It invades privacy.

Besides the fact that the new law will cause many awkward and embarrassing situations that never happened before, it is also going to lead to a lot of lawsuits for libel, unlawful arrest, and violation of civil rights of many kinds.

The Justice Department has already warned that North Carolina is in violation of Title IX and Title VII.

It is not overreach for the federal government to protect the rights of all its citizens–it is its job.

The crazy, paranoid and weird gender phobias at work here create in the fevered imaginations of the far right a fear that men might start to dress up like women so they can get into a public bathroom and assault a woman or child. This has never happened before. It is extremely unlikely.

At present, and unless there comes a time with a guard at every public restroom, there is no need for that. A man could easily just walk into any restroom he wants, dressed in any outfit he wants. Why would he need to dress up like a woman? So he could sneak up on one without being spotted in the mirror?

This whole thing is ridiculous and wrong. North Carolina, what has happened to you?

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Shell Game, Glenn Morphew

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Hell could have frozen in the Palace


In November of 1993, the Magic Castle was going through some tough times organizationally and financially after the loss of Bill Larsen in February. I was sitting at Vernon’s table with Peter Pit, Billy McComb and Ron Wilson.

Joe Walsh came over from Irma’s room and came up to Ron and said, “We’re getting the Eagles back together, and thought maybe we could help out the Castle. We could do a sort of first run of our new stuff in the Palace for New Year’s Eve. You could sell tickets and keep the money. Our gift to the Castle.”

Ron thanked him, but said there wasn’t enough time to promote something like that and we already had New Year’s Eve plans. When Joe left, Ron explained that he didn’t think “rock and roll” music would suit the Castle membership.

I told him I could sell the tickets overnight. Peter agreed with Ron, and Billy said “Maybe we should look into it.”

I tried, and a couple of other guys tried to explain to Ron and Peter how important the band was and how much we could make with them on New Year’s Eve.

But they just couldn’t see it working. I was very upset that they were turning down an opportunity like this!

McComb brought a copy of Forbes a few weeks later to show how the Eagles ranked in show business against David Copperfield. Ron had no idea they were that well known or that successful.

I still wince knowing that the Hell Freezes Over Tour could have started in the Palace.


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