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Go Fund Chris Teague


My good friend, Chris Teague lost his left eye to cancer and now has a wonderful prosthetic.  Unfortunately, the cancer in his eye metastasized to his liver. 

We could have lost Chris but Grady Hospital came through with a new technology called Micro Wave Ablation surgery.  

Recently, Chris fell down a flight of stairs and fractured his lumbar.  He spent several weeks at Emory and is now recovering at home.  

Now comes the reason for the GoFundMe effort, the family is broke.  

Chris needs donations to continue his recovery and living expenses.  

In this holiday season, please remember the reason for the season. 

Please consider a donation.

Have a blessed holiday. 

Go Fund

Pop Haydn’s Magic Castle Lecture

Photo Dec 17, 4 28 57 PM

Pop Haydn at the Magic Castle

On Sunday, Dec 17th, 2017 Pop Haydn delivered a lecture on Magic and the Magical Character.

These are Pop’s notes from his Dec 17, 2017 lecture at the Magic Castle in Hollywood. 37 full pages/Downloadable .pdf for $10.00.

This lecture concerns the relationship of Magic and the the Magical Character. These are new ideas on the nature of magic as an art, and some exciting new ways at looking at the relationship of magic and story.

It is guaranteed to change the way you look at the art of magic.


To Purchase:

Lecture Notes

Cyber Monday Sale at Pop’s Magic!


Cyber Monday Sale!

Nov 27th

40% OFF all orders over $20!

Just use the coupon code “cyber” at checkout.

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Pop’s Magic

Offer good until November 30th

Halloween Sale at Pop’s Magic!


Halloween Sale at Pop’s Magic!

20% OFF all orders over $20!

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Pops Magic

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Steamboat is Magic! Festival


Pop Haydn will be appearing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado

at the

Steamboat is Magic! Festival

September 14, 15, & 16th

More info and tickets:


Pop Haydn at Magic Mania Last Night!

Pop Haydn ~ Teleportation Device

Pop Haydn performs his original routine, The Teleportation Device at the Junkyard Cafe, Simi Valley, California on Father’s Day, 2017.

Pop Father's Day

Pop Haydn’s Medicine Show Promo Reel

Magic Mania!

magic manisaa

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